What is an ANKC registered breeder.

The Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) is the overarching governing body for purebred dogs in Australia. State member bodies (ie ACT Canine Association, who trade as Dogs ACT) belong to the ANKC and are the administration centre for that state or territory. They are also the porthole thru which members of that state or territory controlling body,  become registered breeders and  register their litters. 

There are two types of ANKC dog registration – the Main register (Blue papers) and the Limited register (Orange papers).  See images below for examples. All ANKC registered breeders must provide one of these Pedigree Certificates for your puppy. 


To show, breed or export a dog, that dog much be on the main register (blue papers). Dogs on the Limited register (orange papers) cannot be shown or bred, but can participate in all of the Dog Sport events (ie obedience, endurance, tracking, dances with dogs, lure coursing, etc) 

There are some other ‘Registries’ in Australia that may be issuing papers for breeders associated with them. Only ANKC registered dogs can participate in ANKC events and only ANKC Registered breeders can register a litter on the ANKC registry. 

If you are buying a puppy from a breeder who claims they are issuing pedigree papers, ensure that they are a breeder of a state control the belongs to the ANKC and are issuing ANKC papers with the puppy. Perhaps ask to see the breeders membership card and then ring that state control to verify their membership.

Show quality or Pet quality

No purebred dog is perfect. All have minor imperfections, but the presence of a major fault, means the dog is not suitable for showing or breeding. If you wish to show or breed, you need a dog free from major faults and genetic disorders. Most litters have some puppies which have faults that might preclude them from showing and Reputable breeders will sell them as pets on the condition they are desexed, so they can’t pass these faults on. 

Faults could be cosmetic or structural and might be; lacking the ridge (Ridgeless), Ridge faults (short ridge, more or less than two crowns in the ridge), kinked tail, undershot or overshot jaw, Dermoid Sinus (that’s been removed by surgery) or incorrect coat colour. 

Please remember though, that all puppies have the same Vet care, expense and attention from the breeder