My name is Helen Mosslar and I'm in the Australian Capital Territory. I've been involved in Rhodesian Ridgebacks since 1983, with my first litter being born in 1987.

I've had many Ridgebacks over the years and one Hungarian Vizsla. As well as showing, I have also competed in Obedience, Rally O, Agility, Endurance, Flyball and Lure Coursing. Many of my dogs have titles on both ends of their names.

My aim is to breed sound dogs, with great temperaments that can do many things, as well as make great family pets. I health test all my breeding stock and raise my puppies in an environment to encourage great temperaments and social skills. I have been Raw Feeding the BARF diet since 1993.

As well as an being an Obedience and Agility Instructor, I am also an ANKC licensed Agility, Jumping, Games judge, Endurance Test Judge and Lure Coursing Judge. I'm also a life member of the Tuggeranong Dog Training Club and Honoury Instructor at the ACT Companion Dog Club

I don't breed often, having only produced 13 litters in the last 36yrs and my next litter will not be for a few years. I am however more than happy to help with breed information.  My email is 


Playing in Agility with Kobi (my Vizsla)

Champions I have bred and/or owned.

Ch Lwillows Cherry Ripe (liver nose)

Ch Fennridge African Kali

Ch Kysaridge Kali's Meisje ET

Ch Nkazimlo Loya

Grand Ch Kysaridge Loya's Mufasa ET

Ch Kysaridge Loya's Simba CD ADX

Ch Ravvar Danae Alia AD JD ET NJC

RUBIS Grand Ch Daingeann Kobi AD JD SD SPD ET (Vizsla) 

BIS Grand Ch Kysaridge Alia Caesar RN AD JD SD

Ch Kysaridge Alia Claudia AD ET

Ch / Neut Ch Kysaridge Talia Varda ET

Ch Kysaridge Talia Tulkas

BIS Supreme Ch Kysaridge Cevarda Jupiter RN ET

Ch Chilolo EK Charged in Gold

BISS Ch Kysaridge Ceezu Apollo Gold (co-owned)

BIS Grand Ch Kysaridge Ceezu Solar Gold

Ch Kysaridge Ceezu Athena Gold

Ch / BIS Neut Ch Kysaridge Gold Aurelia ET JC

RUBISS Grand Ch Kysaridge Aurelias Gaia TK.S SWN ET JC

Ch Chilolo CHS Tiramisu (co-owned)

Ch Kysaridge Aurum Kei (AI)

Ch Kysaridge Aurum Ector (AI) TK.S RN


Photo credits go to 

FFiona Eskine (FFire photograph) - lure coursing, showing 

Sue Town - lure coursing, agility

Tammy Watts, Lara Sedgmen - Agility



Winning RUBIS with Patrick (my brothers Cattle Dog)