Chilolo DBT African Gold (AI)


DOB 12 November 2019                                                   Weight 34.5 kg

Bred by Rosemary Green                                                 Height 65.5 cm

Full DNA profiled.                                                               Full dentition, complete scissor bite

JME: negative / clear by DNA                                          Hips 3:3 International Grade A

DM: negative / clear by DNA                                           Elbows 0:0

Heart: clear by ultrasound Feb 2021



Mera has joined the family and has fitted right in. Punky, Gaia and Mera are best buddies and love playing. It's been over 20 yrs since we have had a liver or brownnose in the pack. Thanks Rosemary Green for allowing this crazy red head to join our pack.

At 18 months old, Mera has grown into a fun lovely girl with a real cheeky streak. Her nic-name is the Brown Nose Brat. She does the most crazy things at times to get reactions from the other dogs and people to get them to play with her.  She has taken to Trick Training and loves to please. Her favourite trick is shacking hands . She has just had her first try outs at Lure Coursing and loves it.